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HIV Self-test

Exacto HIV Test

EXACTO® TEST HIV is a screening self-test for the detection
of an infection by the HIV virus (HIV-1 or HIV-2), responsible for
AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome).
The test contains antigens capable of detecting antibodies
directed against the virus responsible for AIDS (HIV-1 or HIV-2).
It must be used at least three months after the last risky exposure
to give a reliable result.


EXACTO® TEST HIV has undergone clinical assessments. A 99.9 % correlation between EXACTO® TEST HIV and an ELISA laboratory test was observed.
A clinical study* performed in hospitals using capillary blood showed that the EXACTO® TEST HIV has a sensitivity of 100 % and a specificity of 100 %.
A practicability study conducted with a laymen population showed that 97.8 % of participants obtained a correct and interpretable result. 
A readability study confirmed that 98 % of the different types of results were interpreted correctly.
EXACTO® TEST HIV can in rare clinical situations give erroneous results.
* HIV Self Test Exacto®, a Finger-Stick Whole Blood HIV1/2 Exhibit a very high Sensitivity and Specificity in both HIV infected known patients and HIV negative individuals, 2016. CHR Orléans

Advice for sampling

​First, wash your hands with hot water and dry them properly.
Warm water helps improve blood circulation at the fingertips.
You can let your hand loose along your body for around 1
minute in order for blood to flow in that area in larger quantities.
It is recommended to puncture the left hand for a right-handed
person, and the right hand for a left-handed person.

Please puncture preferably a side of the fingertip: it is where the
blood flow is higher, and the sensitivity is minimal.
Avoid areas where the skin seems thicker, so more difficult to

It is possible that a blood drop does not appear immediately. In
that case, please wait a little bit and massage lightly the finger
from its base to the punctured area.
If the red square well «BLOOD» is not completely filled with
blood (see step 12), you can form a new drop of blood, collect
it with the same inverted cup, and then deposit this new drop in
the square well with the text «BLOOD».

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